Transit Report Assessment

Transit Report Assessment Services

Our transit report assessment services include detailed maritime route and port access risk analysis to help your organization operate as safely as possible. Whether you have a shipping business, a military, or other maritime operation, Doric Maritime Services can help you run an efficient, safe operation with our transit risk management services. We provide transit report assessment to analyze your risk, identify potential threats, and offer detailed insights on how you can minimize your transit risk.

Port Security

Our skilled maritime risk assessment team can create a thorough and insightful transit report assessment for your port operations. We will provide a risk analysis of all areas of your transit and port operations and identify areas that are vulnerable to attack. Some common areas we can offer port security assessment for include terrorism, robbery, cargo theft, drug smuggling, human trafficking, and cyber attacks. Our private maritime logistics company will be able to give you a detailed rundown of measures you can take to secure your port and minimize risks. We can help you comply with commercial, national, and international regulations to make your operation run smoothly.

In addition to our expert port facility security assessment services, we also have surveillance expertise and can provide port security services if you need reinforcements for your port. We offer armed security escort vessels.

Ship Security

Our transit report assessment will give you a detailed breakdown of vulnerable areas of your vessel to improve your ship’s security and mitigate risks. We will assess all aspects of your operation and offer recommendations to boost your security and make your business more protected from drug trafficking, human trafficking, terrorist attacks, piracy, cyber attacks, spy devices, and logistical problems. We also offer an onboard analysis of your port security and crew operations.

Drug trafficking and terrorism are high-risk issues that many shipping operations deal with. According to the United Nations World Drug Report, drug trafficking reached record levels in European ports during the pandemic, with data from 12 countries showing an 18 percent increase in cocaine shipments seized in European ports in 2021. Our transit report assessment can help reduce your risk of being hijacked by drug traffickers and terrorists.

Transit Custom Security

Whatever your needs are, we can provide a transit custom security package to suit your organization. Whether you’re operating a port, a single ship, a military fleet, or an international shipping company, we can help safeguard your organization by assessing your risks and potential threats. Our experienced security professionals will be able to work with you to create a thorough evaluation and plan of action to protect your operations. Today’s maritime operations face more threats than ever – including terrorism, piracy, cyber attacks, natural disasters, and more – and it’s important to take security measures to keep your operations running smoothly and minimize threats to your operations’ success.

Contact us today to set up a call to discuss your maritime security needs. Leave your transit security to the pros so you can focus on other areas of your operations.

Transit Report assessment

We provide our clients with highly details route and port access risk analysis with the context to provide our clients the current threats to maritime security and advice to operate in as safe and commercially viable manner as possible.

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