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Risk Assessment Services

Doric offers risk assessment services for the maritime industry. Our private maritime logistics support company provides top-level security services, including maritime security risk assessment. Our skilled maritime experts can provide a thorough risk assessment at sea and offer a detailed breakdown of areas of your ship environment that include hazards. Whether you need a maritime cyber security risk assessment or a general risk assessment, our expert team can help.

Maritime Security Assessment

Our team of high-level security and maritime professionals can assess every possible threat to your maritime business. Doris understands that your maritime security is a top priority, and we offer a sea life centre risk assessment that can account for and help minimize threats at your port and onboard your vessel. If you are worried about high-level threats at the national and international levels, our maritime security team can also identify and evaluate these high-level risks.

Our maritime professionals can also evaluate your shipping logistics and provide you with a detailed assessment and recommendations for minimizing risks. We can identify and help reduce hazards such as collision, ship grounding, foundering, fires, explosions, and collision. By identifying your risk of these potential maritime hazards, we help you implement a plan to ward off these threats, keeping your crew as safe as possible.

Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Our risk assessment London services include cyber security. In today’s world, cyber attacks are one of the biggest risks to companies, militaries, and countries. We can help you protect your maritime organization against cyber threats by safeguarding your systems and technology safely and helping minimize your risk of cyber attacks. Our cyber security risk assessment services will identify areas of your technology systems that could be vulnerable to cyber-attacks and security threats. We will create a detailed breakdown of your marine technology assets that may be targeted in cyber security attacks, which may include laptops, software, hardware, customer data, security data, intellectual property, and shipping logistic information. Our cyber risk specialists will be able to give you a technology plan that will help minimize your risk of having data stolen, lost, corrupted, or compromised.

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Doric offers specialized maritime risk assessment for ports, ships, terminals, and countries that need top-level security and logistic services. Whether you have a military fleet or a commercial shipping company, our maritime risk assessment services can help identify and minimize your risks of cyber attacks, logistical problems, security flaws, and safety hazards. The maritime industry is often targeted in security and cyber attacks, and logistical problems can upend a whole business. We can identify and mitigate the top threats to your organization and help you take the necessary precautions to safeguard your team and operations. Minimize your risk of getting hacked or losing information as well as your risk of logistical hazards by hiring our skilled maritime risk assessment UK team.

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