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The role of private intelligence agencies in international intelligence reporting

Collecting intelligence is an old craft. There are only a handful of people who are good at it. It is not everyone’s cup of tea. Back in the day, just a few intelligence agencies existed and most of them were sanctioned by the government. However, in the last two decades, the intelligence tradecraft has expanded into the private sector as well. Intelligence reporting has become a full-fledged business.

There is an edge of having so many private intelligence agencies reporting on security threats. It can allow government agencies to take measures to eliminate security threats. Besides the focus on security, intelligence agencies tend to facilitate business dealing which results in huge profits for big companies.

Who runs private intelligence agencies?

Usually, the industry professionals are running these intelligence agencies. Their roles and responsibilities are still developing but it is a rewarding business. The intelligence reporting business is not only popular in the US, but every country is now trading intelligence reporting. These days almost every country has private intelligence reporting agencies that are licensed by their countries’ governments.

Even though there are plenty of private spy and maritime intelligence agencies, only a few of them are legitimate. These private intelligence agencies require a license to operate within the country. They require permission to set up surveillance and analyze the data.

The governments are bound to keep things under the wraps in order to follow law and constitution. But a maritime intelligence report collected by an independent maritime intelligence agency would reveal so many things. These things are not usually disclosed by governments.

Some of these intelligence agencies have been working for a long time. They have established a reputation for their work. Therefore, these intelligence agencies are also recognized on international levels.

How private intelligence agencies are helping local and international communities?

The Doric maritime services is a private intelligence agency that is licensed by Maritime Intelligence Nigeria. This intelligence agency has been working with local and international communities for the trade of maritime intelligence reporting. The intelligence agency has so many different experts working on different projects to collect intelligence.

The Doric maritime services gathers intelligence for maritime safety mainly. But the analysts come across different sets of information that can be useful for international communities. The intelligence agencies don’t waste this intelligence and try to trade with another international agency or local agency. The other party could use this information for various purposes.

Things like corruption, economy, crime rate, pipeline tapping, piracy, and other things will be considered. Only then the company will send the people and equipment over there. The company can take preventive measures by having the right knowledge. The company can choose different strategies to make its unit successful overseas.


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