Armed security escort services

Armed security escort services

Doric Nigeria deploys state-of-the-art/ballistic proof / high-speed Damen FCS 3307 Patrol Boats.

Our vessels have 7 – 10 Nigerian Navy personnel on board and are fully equipped/armed according to local laws and regulations, fully able to deter any level of threat. Our vessels are capable of 30 knots SOG, have added ballistic protection for the crew and Navy teams as well as all state of the art electronics/navigation and communications equipment. Prepared for uncompromised security escort services, our patrol boats, and security personnel will guide you safely through high-risk areas.

Doric is a full-service maritime security company deploying state-of-the-art patrol boats including high speed and ballistic proof Damen FCS 3307 to protect its clients from any threats. Onboarded with 7-10 highly trained and skilled Nigerian Navy personnel, the team is capable of deterring any threats during your voyage through high-risk Nigerian waters. Our boats have the ballistic protection they need to face any level of threat and offer complete safety to the team members and your ships. Besides, with 30knots SOG, and modernist equipment and technology, we provide the best security escort services to our clients. However, we abide by the standard rules and regulations of local as well as international legislative bodies and ensure uncompromised security to make your journey the safest ever.

Maritime security is at stake in GOG band areas due to the growing number of pirate attacks. Ships with unavailable security measures cannot sustain a threat and easily become the hostage of notorious gangs. Ultimately, it causes business loss and in some cases, becomes a life-threatening phenomenon.

As a private maritime security escort company in Nigeria, we are fully equipped with high-tech facilities to deter any threats. We help local as well as international businesses transit through high-risk areas with peace of mind. Be it a gas/oil tanker or commercial goods carrier, we have Nigerian escort solutions to any of the vessels and freights.

Doric Nigeria is the number 1 escort security service provider with a long history of serving global clients. Besides, we have provided major security escort services to many special projects where sophistication is the key to success. Throughout the years in marine exposure, we have achieved excellence in helping our clients run successful naval transportation businesses. Whether you need armed security services in Nigeria or looking for a reliable logistic company to reinforce your growth, do not hesitate to contact us. We will ensure your vessels and crews are safe from any unwanted threats and transit through high-risk areas at ease. 

Security Escort services

We at Doric deploy state of the art /ballistic proof /fuel efficient high speed and armed security escort vessel with embarked host nation government security forces personnel. The carefully selected armed teams on-board our vessels are capable of deterring any threat with hostile intent towards our protected assets. Both the vessels crew and the armed teams are fully protected due to the design and ballistic protection our vessels offer. Capable of doing high speeds (20-25 Knots) and equipped with state of the art surveillance and navigation technology, the delivery of quality services assured.

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