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Mission Statement

To Inspire and prepare our workforce to succeed in delivering maritime safety for our esteemed clients

Vision Statement

To promote a safety and security culture in the Gulf of Guinea and attract more opportunities for the blue economy of the region.

Our Services

Armed Escort Services

Nigeria Navy Team

K9 Stowaway Search

Port Facility Security and Assessment

Risk Assessment

Intelligence Reporting

Incident and Crisis Report 

Anti Piracy Voyage Report

Security escort in Nigeria

We at Doric deploy state of the art /ballistic proof /fuel-efficient high speed and armed security escort vessels with embarked host nation government security forces personnel.

Security escort in Nigeria

Our Core Values

D – Dependable

O – Objective

R – Respectful

I – Innovative

C – Committed

Armed Guards Embarkation​

Armed Guards Embarkation

Doric is a fully licensed security company in Nigeria and works in tandem with the Nigerian Navy to deploy armed teams to embark client’s vessels and provide security for the duration of the vessels’ stay in Nigeria.

K9 Stowaway Search

K9 - Stowaway search

Doric is recognized as a specialized provider in K9 stowaway searches and conducting these operations throughout Nigeria and for any type of vessels.

Reducing risk with quality and experience.

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