Port Facility Security Assessment

Things you need to know about port facility security

First of all, I would like to surprise you all by giving a piece of good news. And that is, we have started operating in Nigeria as the port facility security providers. Yeah, that’s true. So, if our services can fulfill your needs, then stick around the following article.

What is port facility?

Before getting more into the article, it’s important to dig into the basics. Port facility is the specific place in any port where travelers are passed on between two water carriers. These places are sheds, piers, wharves, yards, docks, and warehouses.

You can consider port facility a little bit critical location. Like, any kind of unpleasing event can occur here. Am I right? But the risk of such kinds of events can be reduced by providing this place with proper security. That is why, security matters a lot.

Why Doric Maritime Services?

I will give you so many reasons to choose us if you are from Nigeria. Let’s have an eye on the details.

  • There is not a single port facility security officer who is not trained and experienced. All of our officers are highly trained. Also, they got approved trainings.
  • We try to fulfill your needs at any cost. We, first, understand what our client wants. After that, we proceed further. You can arrange several meetups with us. We’ll try to give importance to your objectives.
  • We are providing our services to many clients. And all of them are happy from us. So, you can develop your trust on us without feeling any hesitation.
  • Our team works with appreciable intelligence. Firstly, we detect the threats to assess and then we work accordingly. In this way, all of the risks can easily be reduced to a very high extent. Port facility security assessment is our top priority.
  • Our services are cost-effective. This means, you are going to invest your bucks in the right place.

How do we operate?

Right after you will hire us, we will send our team to the spot. After this, the process of analyzing the threats is the prior step. Because, our port facility security team cannot proceed further without doing facility security assessment. They keep on analyzing the threats and risks to reduce the risk of any mishap.

Our main concern is to keep the assets and people safe from all types of unusual events. For this, our team follow the instructions religiously. In my opinion, every good team should do this. Turning the place into safest one is our first priority. Trust us and trust the process. And keep yourself safe from investing your bucks in the wrong place.

Doric Maritime Services are considerable when it comes to the port facility security. Yeah, you can hire us for having best security services ever. So, what are you guys waiting for? Let’s contact us and make the place more safe. Thanks for investing your precious time here.


Doric is recognized as a specialized provider in K9 stowaway searches. Conducting these operations throughout Nigeria and for any type of vessel. Our specially trained dogs guarantee a successful stowaway search. The ages long stowaway problems on merchant vessels stops with Doric. In Nigeria, we guarantee our client vessel sails from Nigerian ports stowaway free. This stowaway search service is conducted in cooperation with the Nigerian mobile police and any findings are processed on site.

Following ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code) concerns for Nigerian ports, our service is compliant to all international standards. Doric Nigeria provides K9 stowaway search service on vessels at berths that have completed cargo operations and on case by case basis, secondary searches are provided.

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