Why You Need A Transit Report Assessment

Transit Report assessment

Transits are places of severe urgency, be it on the roads or at sea. However, the case at sea comes with peculiar hurdles. It is subject to more disasters and invasions due to its much more deserted state. Without any form of analysis or assessment, the transits, the ports, and the ships become more vulnerable to attacks. Therefore, the risk analyses need to get down to the rudimentary level or more intensive when required. 

A transit report assessment needs to understand signs of irregularities and conditions, address the fundamental problems, share insights and solutions and get more calculative as well. The concepts and principles, along with international and commercial regulations, also need to overlap with every measure taken. Without a report, addressing a whole range of issues is not possible, and it will never be organized enough to deter attacks. 

How a Transit Report Assessment will help you: 

Secure Port

A transit report assessment helps secure your port by analysing the high and low-risk areas throughout the transit and ports. The operations around the ports can be analysed with a transit report assessment. Operations like cargo theft, robbery, smuggling, human trafficking, cyber-attacks and other terrorist activities may go unnoticed if no one is assessing the port thoroughly. 

Secure Ship

How will you prevent attacks on your ship or vessels if you can’t even see them coming? To have a clear understanding of the probability of an upcoming invasion, you need to first analyse the situation at the vessel and the territory it is on. Mitigate risks and secure your ship with a transit report assessment.

Mitigate Transit Risk

A Transit Report assessment can see if BMP 5 and ISGOTT 6 are maintained. You can make more informed evaluations as the routes will be clearer when your transit is safer. By hiring a PMSC, transit risk can be significantly reduced. With a transit risk assessment report, which is only a part of the entire report, you can move more circumspectively for our commercial benefit. 

How a Private Maritime Security Company Can Create Transit Report Assessment:

A Private Maritime Security Company lets you efficiently run operations safely by identifying all the risk points, threats and solutions, as well as insight into the situation. A PMSC does more than make the report. PMSCs like DoricNG will offer businesses, the military, and other activities aboard all the provisions in its package so they can safeguard themselves all the way to the shores.

Port Security

You can get port security support through a risk assessment. The transit risk assessment will provide insight into the port condition. The company needs a team allocated for different segments to do a proper transit risk assessment. A professional team can determine the measures they must take to secure the port while maintaining international and commercial laws. 

A standard surveillance system along with armed vessel security escorts are mandatory in this field for reinforcement. 

Ship Security

Transit report assessment also needs to ensure ship security. The assessment team needs to provide this aspect by first recommending security measures that will guarantee optimum business protection. 

Cyber attacks, piracy, spy devices and other logistical mishaps may be engineered inside the vessels for a possible shutdown. This may incite collusion if the air grows tense with a growing number of accidents. Terrorists are experts in making things go wrong on a small scale before the air clouds up, and an invasion commences. The assessment team of the PMSC should have increased proficiency in handling drug and human trafficking cases too.

Transit Custom Security

Private Maritime Security and Logistics companies aim to provide maximum transit security. By max, we mean enough efforts taken to prevent attacks. Be it a military fleet, ship or shipping company. You can always investigate the risk level by evaluating and observing the potentialities. With observations, the PMSC follows up with an actionable plan. 

How DoricNG works:

Thorough Reports

With DoricNG, you will receive a thorough report and risk analysis of your port and ship.

Threat Identification

We identify threats through a keen eye and calculated observations to ensure there are no hurdles in the way of good business and ship security.

Human Run

If due diligence and accountability haven’t been adequately explored during the planning process, depending only on computer-generated risk assessments might leave a corporation legally vulnerable. We understand the value of man and how a good man can be worth ten bots. Our analytical power can be much more flexible and combine assessments without any algorithm required.

Contextual comprehension

Having identified the threat in the transit, all we have to do is evaluate the Maritime security risk level with calculated logic. 

Legally Obligated

We must stay legal and loyal to the international, national, business, BMP6, ISGOTT6 and sea codes by maintaining proper ethics.


Transit risk assessment is what you need when you want a full-functioning business with transit security and risk management. These two factors are mandatory for your goods to be shipped and delivered safely to the dock. You can’t avoid any aspect. Your port, transits and vessels are all vital for your business and your crew– after all, human-run management, albeit necessary, comes with the accidental loss of life. 

To reduce risk levels and maintain safety throughout sea sailing and shipping, you should contact DoricNG. We prepare transit report assessment with enforcement and expertise while abiding by laws.



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