Things To Consider While Choosing Maritime Security Agency Nigeria

maritime security agency nigeria

Maritime security is essential for smooth commercial growth in the Nigerian maritime domain. About 90 percent of goods are now transported through oceans. It needs security, the maritime security agency Nigeria is a must for the traders who trade through oceans.

It is best to consider the agency’s experience, reputation, documentation, equipment, service specialization, and portfolio. It will ensure you have chosen reliable maritime security services.

It is pertinent to hire a professional-grade Maritime security agency in Nigeria. What are essential things to consider while choosing maritime security agency Nigeria; you will get the answer below article.

Why do you need a maritime security agency Nigeria?


Maritime security has become essential for Nigeria and the world community. There are maritime concerns ranging from piracy to weapon smuggling and illegal immigration.

In Nigeria, about 95% of international trade use seaports. Maritime security industry in Nigeria maritime security has become the major sector contributing to the developing country’s status as a major oil-producing and exporting country.

There is a risk of theft or hijack when goods are transported through means of oceans. When goods are loaded, unloaded, or kept in stores, there is a risk of theft or robbery. The local police or law agencies can’t take quicker actions than maritime security agencies.

In the last few years in Nigeria, many thefts, human kidnapping, hijacking, and smuggling instances have been reported. The Nigerian government also introduces new maritime security measures.

What are possible Maritime security Risks in Nigeria?


There are many security risks when trading through seaports in Nigeria.

  • Illegal offshore oil exploration
  • Human trafficking
  • Piracy, robbery, and Hijacking
  • Smuggling of weapons, contraband goods, etc
  • Terrorist attacks
  • Environmental catastrophes


What to look for when hiring a Maritime Security agency in Nigeria?


Choosing the right maritime security agency is more important than a traditional security agency in Nigeria. Before binding into a contract with Nigeria maritime security agency, do not forget to consider some important factors.

  • Experience

There is no alternative to experience, especially in security matters. If you hire an experienced maritime security agency, it will be more helpful than a new brand. Though they charge some extra costs, they prove more cost-effective than a new company.

Before selecting the company, check the company’s background and its experience. You can also check for their security professionals. Get security professionals’ details and check their background and how well they are trained to deal with maritime threats.

  • Service reputation

How excellent is a maritime security agency? You cannot evaluate by checking their website or discussing with their professionals. You may find positive reviews on their websites, but most of the reviews on the company’s site can be fake.

So do independent research about knowing their reputation. You have many online platforms such as social media platforms, blogs, and forums where you can check their actual reputation. How are their customers satisfied with their services? You can know better on independent online discussion forums.

  • Company documentation

Most people ignore this, but it is a major concern to look for when hiring maritime security services Nigeria. Only hire a company that is insured and licensed. 

Do not hesitate to ask them to provide the license and insurance documents. It will ensure that the company is providing legal services. It will also protect you from future consequences.

  • Security technology and equipment

Only ships or vessels and some weapons are not the only required equipment for a maritime security agency. They also need other advanced equipment and technology to provide excellent security services in a marine environment.

They should have GNSS, AIS, autopilot, NAVTEX, speed log, radar/ARPA, gyro compass, echo sounder, and many others. So do not forget to ask them to provide details of their security equipment and technology.

  • Check their portfolio

Experience does not come with years; it comes with dealing with the projects. Similar is the case with maritime security agencies. Does not matter how many years a company has been working; your major concern should be their portfolio.

Ask them to provide details of projects that they have already done. Check the projects and ensure that they are experts in dealing with your security matters. Also, check the customer reviews to confirm you are selecting a reliable maritime security agency Nigeria.

  • Main security focus

Some companies provide maritime and other security services. Never hire such security companies in Nigeria because there are more threats in the Nigerian marine environment than you expect. Only hire a company that is specialized in Maritime security operations.

Do not hesitate to ask them to provide full details of their services. It may not seem necessary, but for prime-level security, it is a major concern to look for.

  • Communication Channel

When hiring a professional grade maritime security agency, do not forget to check their communication services. An excellent maritime security agency has multiple means of communication, such as by call, message, or email.

How quickly do they respond to help or queries? Check their response rate before hiring. You need a 24/7 quick service provider company to deal with security matters.

Best maritime security agency Nigeria


There are several security agencies that are providing maritime security services. But when it comes to finding the best maritime security agency Nigeria, you will not find it better than DORIC MARITIME SERVICES.

Here are the reasons why we are the best maritime security agency for you in Nigeria.

  • We have advanced logistical arrangements to meet local private, port authorities, and regulatory agencies’ needs.
  • We have track records of our services provided to different clients. You can check our portfolio.
  • We have been experienced in providing vessel calling services for over 15 years in Nigeria and have provided escort services for more than 200 vessels in the Gulf of Guinea.
  • 24/7 communication channels support, provide quick services on one call
  • DORIC MARITIME SERVICES is an insured and licensed maritime security agency
  • We have well-trained maritime security guards
  • We provide all types of maritime security services



Maritime security has become more essential now than ever before. There are many modern transportation methods, but there is still no better and more cost-effective way than marine paths. 

Almost 90 percent of the trade worldwide and 95 percent in Nigeria is handled through marine routes. Like other routes, many risks are attached to sea routes. Some major risks include smuggling, hijacking, piracy, robbery, and theft.

So it is better to get the maritime security services in Nigeria to protect from such risks. But ensure you have chosen a reliable marine security agency after checking essential factors.



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