Top-Notch Anti-Piracy Maritime Security Services

anti piracy maritime security services

With Maritime security becoming increasingly ruthless over the years, many businesses are incurring losses, and lives are being fed to the Nigerian seas. Doric knows all the anti-piracy maritime security solutions to put the maritime problems to rest,  

Doric maritime services is a superior private limited maritime logistics support company headquartered in Lagos and mainly serving in Nigeria with the Nigeria Navy. It started functioning in the September of 2016 in West Africa. 

From delivering a wide variety of specialized services to international clients and multinational organizations, Doric has maintained professionalism. We have experienced teams with well-defined procedures and efficient delivery. Our customer reviews are just as generous as our services. Speaking of services, we have a whole-rounded security system that can provide your maritime business a lifetime.

Doric maintains services to both the local and international communities with its various services. These services include armed security escort vessel service, armed onboard Naval team security service, onboard stowaway search service, and port facility security assessment service. Let’s learn more about its services and why you should choose Doric below.


All the Anti-Piracy Maritime Security Services:


Armed Security Escort Vessels


GOG band locations need armed security escort vessels to save them from pirate invasions. Pirate invasions have seen a rise in current times in Nigeria, which was already known for dangerous activity on its waters. It needs our top-tier ballistic proof and speedy Damen FCS 3307 Patrol Boats to stave off piracy gangs. If you want to sustain threats to your ship, business, and life, employ Doric for up to 10 legal Nigerian Navy personnel. 

Doric has vessels with 30 knots SOG with ballistic protection. Our navigation and transmission equipment are highly advanced so that we can detect risk from many nautical miles away. We have the most comforting and reassuring escorts and patrol boats to ensure complete control over our clients’ sanity and clarity.


Anti Piracy Voyage Reporting


Safely carrying vessels during voyages in Nigerian water bodies is a challenge. With Doric, you can explore the waters and voyages freely. The Nigerian intelligence assessment has a unique build with a clear view of ports and terminals in sight. 

For added peace of mind, we also provide secure network inspections at your location. As a result, anti-piracy rules may be enforced, and problems can be identified early on. We take this crucial step to fix any sea problem as competently as possible. 


K9 Stowaway Search


K9 Stowaway search service on vessels at berths are some provisions you will receive from Doric Nigeria as stowaways with illegal entries are quite customary here. There are always some stowaways trying to sneak into European territories by sneaking out of tight ship areas where they hid themselves.

Doric has canines and Nigerian police working on whatever ship you hire Doric forces in. We prevented many stowaways from getting away with escaping the ship. Without a stowaway search team, anti piracy maritime security companies can’t spot these stowaways as the illegal migrants come trained with excellent hiding skills.


Incident And Crisis Report


One of the greatest challenges in traveling anywhere comes with the knowledge that you could get robbed or hurt. It can turn into an entire crisis, and sometimes you have nothing else to do but succumb. Doric won’t let anything happen to you if you hire us, that is. 

Our incident and crisis report service come in to intrude intruders from intruding. We clear these problems before they occur without letting the client comprehend the potential danger.


Risk Assessment


Doric provides marine businesses with risk assessment services. Anti-piracy maritime security services, such as maritime security risk assessment, are only one of the many that our private marine logistics support firm has to offer.

Intelligence Reporting


Intelligence agencies harbor expensive practices that not everyone holds up to. It takes patience and a high level of emotional tolerance. You might have heard that intelligence agencies are government-run, but that’s not the case anymore. Firms now run their sub-sector of intelligence. 

Though, there are few. This expertise hasn’t died. We have chosen to keep it alive in our private firm as well. 


Maritime Security Liaison Officers


Doric Nigeria is home to some of the most skilled Maritime Security Liaison Officers in Nigeria. These officers can improve the safety of your employees and ship. Through in-depth discussion, we guarantee timely completion. With only extensive training, we let our Hellenic Nationals stand by the client during GoG missions. 


Transit Report Assessment


With transit report assessment services, we can access all maritime routes and analyze the risk probability and help your sea firm stand secure. The services we provide for any business are similar, as pirates never come differently equipped. 


Nigeria Navy Team


A Nigerian Navy team is another must-have without which you can’t embark on a journey with your vessels. Doric has been working with the Nigerian Navy, which offers full support and vessel escort in Nigeria along with personnel as many as you want. 


Why Choose Doric Maritime Services:


Experienced and Trained Officers


Behind Doric Maritime Services are officers with experience and anti-piracy maritime security training. 


Customer Satisfaction


We put Customer Satisfaction and safety before all else. We strive to keep your maritime business intact while forsaking all else to secure your life. 


Affordable Services


As our valued customer, you are the ultimate price, and we only charge for what we serve. Those are our dues, and your dues are top-notch services in return.


Our Process


  • We start with setting an appointment with you and our executive team.
  • Then, we detect the threat level of the maritime area.
  • Upon measuring that, we select our team, personnel, equipment. Then we are finally ready to serve your business and port against all the pirates.



Doric maritime services are your first-rate anti-piracy maritime security services provider. You can rest at ease knowing that your business, port, and ship are in the safest of hands in Nigeria. We proceed carefully, accessing each step meticulously.

You can bet on your money going in the right palms with us charging no more than the optimally acceptable range for the most services you can expect from any anti-piracy maritime security services.



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