Private Maritime Security Companies

private maritime security companies

Private Maritime Security Companies are emerging on the daily. Do you need one? There are tons. Getting confused is only natural. How do you know which one to choose? Choosing one is dire, though. Private Maritime Security Companies can help your vessel safely reach its port and docks. So you must get them if you fear your security is facing the risk of being breached. 

We can alleviate risks with Private Maritime Security Companies. How do you know which one is suitable for your needs? They come at a hefty price, so let’s make the right choices with the help of this guide. 

When to Reach Out to Private Maritime Security Companies

There are guidelines for private maritime security companies that clients should follow when hiring these companies. OCIMF has declared that contracting security personnel is only necessary when you have encountered a threat and faced risks before. Your vessel and your path will have to undergo a severe screening process.

What to consider before choosing Private Maritime Security Companies

Private Maritime security companies in Nigeria can be as shady as their pirates. Companies and businesses need to be careful around sea waters and their defenders, as anti-piracy jobs could leave your pockets dry, and any casualties could leave your vessel dry too. 

So here are some assessments OCIMF has set that you should follow before selecting PMSC:

  • Positive and normal PMSC screening reports
  • Assess the threat and risk environment
  • Assess company risk
  • Check the necessary voyage plan
  • Check ship speed
  • Check freeboard
  • Learn about the type of operations they follow
  • Navy, coastguard, and maritime police defense system
  • You may need approval from Flag states (Some Flag States may barricade the use of PMSC)
  • You may need approval from Littoral States (Some Littoral States may barricade the use of PMSC)
  • High PMSC quality.


Know what Conditions your PMSC follows:

  1. How old is the PMSC in the private security sector?
  2. Look for testimonials referring to the PMSC you are looking at.
  3. The PMSC needs to understand and regard these international conventions:
    1. UNCLOS (United Convention on the Laws of the Sea)
    2. SUA (Suppression of Unlawful Acts against the Safety of the Maritime Navigation)
    3. SOLAS (International Convention for the Safety of the Maritime Navigation)
    4. VPSHR (Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights)
    5. ICOC-PSSP (International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Provider)

What to look for in Private Maritime Security Companies 

When Reviewing the PMSC:

  • Details of certification
  • General Trade Control License
  • Weapon Export License
  • Weapon Serial Number
  • Certification and endorsement dates

When reviewing the PMSC, ensure the lead auditor is verified.

Aspects Private Maritime Security Companies have failed in previously:

  • Doesn’t always follow the RUF strictly
  • Not leading appropriately
  • Not using, handling, or storing weapons properly
  • Indisciplined watchkeeping
  • Inadequate or inexperienced guards
  • Unprofessional or suspicious behavior
  • Rejects the signing of visitors’ passes
  • Unpunctual arrival at the boarding point
  • Hidden/ surplus costs

Why Choose DoricNG

DoricNG is a maritime service serving logistics support to international and local companies. From armed security escort vessel service to port facility security assessment service, we cover all the in-betweens. We’ve been doing this for a long time, and our team of experts has refined our methods for delivering exceptional results to our global clientele and international partners.

We stand by the following:


With DoricNG, even the most critical and logistical problems during port calls and emergencies can be handled fluently. We serve closely with our customers and regulate similarly. 


We have been referred often by our valued customers. Our track record suggests the quality performance we have provided throughout the 15 years. 

Escort Security Services

Doric Nigeria has been serving as the ship’s agent in Nigerian ports for over 15 years. More than 200 boats have used our escort services to pass through the Gulf of Guinea safely.

24/7 Available

Doric Nigeria is proud to provide our customers with the highest level of professional service. Any questions you may have may be answered with a quick phone call. Every port visit will be a success because we will be in close contact with all parties involved.

DoricNG Superior Services

Armed Security Escort Vessels

Passing through dangerous territory? Alone with guns is not how you can save your vessel in GOG band locations. You need armed security escort vessels with ballistic-proof patrol boats and an experienced military team. 

Anti Piracy Voyage Reporting

Piracy is reaching its all-time peak in Nigerian water bodies, despite the technological developments in anti-piracy voyage reporting. DoricNG carries vessels breezily with the port and terminals in sight. It always brings all the network inspections to transparency from blurry surfaces. 

K9 Stowaway Search

Canine security guards and Nigerian police will staff any ship you hire Doric to operate on. Many would-be stowaways were thwarted in their attempts to abandon ship by our efforts. The illegal immigrants have outstanding concealment abilities, making it possible for anti-piracy marine security organizations to find them with a stowaway search squad.

Incident And Crisis Report

Intruders may be deterred with the help of our incident and crisis report service. Avoiding the client’s awareness of the impending danger, we eliminate these issues before they ever arise.

Risk Assessment

For maritime private security companies, Doric offers risk assessment services. Our private marine logistics support organization provides various services, including maritime security risk assessment and other anti-piracy maritime security services.

Maritime Security Liaison Officers

Some of the best Maritime Security Liaison Officers in Nigeria work for Doric Nigeria. The addition of these officers will significantly enhance the security of your crew and vessel. The completion date has been assured after extensive negotiation.

Transit Report Assessment

With our transit report evaluation services, we can look into any and all seaways, estimate the likelihood of danger, and ensure your marine business is safe. 


Private Maritime Security Companies are abundant in maritime waters. But there are few like DoricNG. It purposefully stands out from the rest, so let us prove our worth to your maritime firm by cautiously reaching it to safety no matter where it stands.



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