Private Armed Security UK

A leading private maritime & land security agency offers specific private security services to their esteemed clients. These clients are largely from the shipping industry or government officials.

They aim to provide secure transportation for private vessels crossing international and domestic waters. Private maritime & land security is crucial for protecting influential people and merchant ships due to raised threats from smugglers and pirates worldwide.

Private armed security UK includes armed bodyguards for influential individuals, Security Escort Vessels, Close Protection Armed Security Guards, K9 Stowaway Search Teams. We further provide Navy Teams full of trained retired navy officials and Event Venue Protection.

Private Armed Security UK

We can divide private armed security into two categories. One is armed maritime security, and another is armed land security.

Amed Maritime Security

Armed maritime security services include the following:

  • Vessel Escort Services

Seawater is filled with unknown dangers. Pirates, armed robbers,  smugglers, terrorists, human and drug traffickers are offenders who are willing to violate federal and global security at any time.

Vessels travelling through the ocean often face these criminals, and they loot, damage, or demolish ships and entities. Merchants lose thousands of dollars worth of goods and properties because of these thugs.

Armed security escort vessels are vital for the ship’s safe journey. These vessels are super quick, fuel-efficient, fully armed, and they follow the merchant ships to ensure that they reach their destination safely.

They can move at high accelerations and are equipped with the finest communication and navigation technology to ensure quality service.

  • Armed Navy Team Security Services

Armed Navy Team security services include assigning armed retired navy officials to get on the client’s vessels and provide security to their cargo and themselves on the waters.

These highly trained and experienced armed navy security teams protect your vessel and ensure that it is secure. Generally, 4 – 7 men form these teams, largely depending on the operation zone.

  • Armed Stowaway Search Services

Sometimes stowaways hide on a ship to avoid getting arrested for illegal smuggling or migrating somewhere unlawfully. An armed stowaway search service includes trained dogs and armed security guards who find out if there is a stowaway on board a vessel. The trained search dogs can smell harmful substances and help search these stowaways.

The stowaway search service cooperates with the police while processing their findings on-site. Sometimes, they conduct additional search operations on ships that have already finished their cargo processes.

Armed Land Security

Armed land security services include the following:

  • Man Guarding Services

Man Guarding Services include armed security officers deployed on your property who can operate as a barrier against safety threats for the entourage against the danger of attacks and damages. They also help control unauthorised access, resulting in robbery and property damages.

These security officers are extraordinary, professionally trained, certified and can notice possible threats and immediately respond to any emergency to ensure that your staff, possessions, and goods are safe.

  • Armed Escort Patrol Services

Armed Escort Patrol Services provide security and protection for their clients’ foreign guests who have come on special tours or purposes. These armed security vessels and trained security officers are always on the lookout starting from the moment the guests arrive at the airport to their hotels and then all the events throughout their visit.

The security officers are well trained and can combat any security violation to keep the guests safe at all costs. They are trained to notice potential dangers and provide a detailed risk assessment on all the routes leading to their destinations, such as hotels and relaxation centres. The presence of these armed security escorts smoothens their respective clients\’ and their guests’ journey across the country.

  • VIP Protection And Bodyguard Services

VIP Protection and Bodyguard services include trained security personnel who provide discreet superior security without being invasive to the client’s activities.


They have extensive proficiency in detecting possible threats, securing perimeters, keeping on the lookout, keeping their VIP clients out of public attention, and keeping armed vehicles ready for emergencies because they know that their clients are vulnerable during transits.

These special security officers or bodyguards aim to provide their VIP clients with bespoke protection services with the help of an exceedingly trained team.

  • Event Venue Protection

Event Venue Protection is an efficient system combining armed man guarding and technology to offer extensive security. The security guards responsible for venue protection have a vast knowledge of events and venue security, from award nights to intimate wedding ceremony security and everything else.


The security officers are thoroughly evaluated, prepared in fitness and protection, first-aid treatment, crowd control, and conflict management, which makes them very useful for any event. Their services vary from strategic planning to event protection and crowd management.

To conclude,

So, now you know the different types of private armed security UK available for you. The next time you sail your ship with valuable commodities, don’t forget to hire the best private armed security personnel for your vessel.


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