Incident And Crisis Report

Incident And Crisis Report

Crisis never comes telling, and if you are a shipping company, you are probably aware of how volatile the industry can get if goods suffer damage while shipping. Seas are great and grave, so any good fallen can be considered lost for real. Other than that, terrorist attacks and smuggling are possible cases of loss too. 

If you want to steer clear of crises, you had better conduct an assessment and formulate an incident and crisis report that sequentially records causes and consequences from historical data and future possibilities. 

A private maritime security company will thoroughly inspect the vessel and port for safe surfing. The enforcement team will remove all and any obstacles after the inspection team make analytic and logical observations. 

Types of Maritime Crisis

Before we get onto what should be done to face maritime incident and crises, let’s get to know what falls under the maritime incident and crisis category first, shall we? 

  • Abandoned ship
  • Cargo loss
  • Death
  • Disease outbreak
  • Flooding
  • Grounding
  • Man-over-board
  • Steering failure/ drifting
  • Stowaway
  • Bomb alert
  • Fire
  • Invasion
  • Unberthing
  • Infrastructure failure
  • Climate change
  • Workforce lackings
  • Cyberattacks
  • Data thefts
  • The global or national economic crisis
  • Big data
  • Geopolitical tension
  • Pollution
  • Fuel price increase
  • Pandemics
  • Stock market inflations
  • Safety risk
  • Terrorism
  • Environmental law updates
  • Shipping decarbonization
  • Finance insufficiency

Pre-Incident Assessment Services

Incident and crisis prevention require various risk assessment services and prior analysis for the PMSC to identify and mitigate risk levels. Here’s how a top-tier PMSC manages precautionary incident assessments:

Stability Analysis

To create an incident and crisis report, the stability and resilience of a company have to be judged first. Its vulnerabilities, capabilities and connectivity are crucial to the risk management ecosystem. The company should be dealing with these cases in the proper manner and with ethics. 

Security Risk Management Review

We can’t overlook the security risk management review. The team should find out the safety level and analyse the shortages while providing solutions and mitigating recommendations. The report must present a maturity matrix to track the improvements made.

Custom Threat Review

Identifying the threats is vital in crisis prevention. The region and nearby country borders where this situational analysis is taking place also need to be stated in the report. We have to make an analysis based on geopolitical, territorial and other sources. We then measure which scenario and threat is most likely or most dangerous through a survey system.

Risk Assessment

The risks to assets must be avoided at all costs. Thus, the assessment has to be meticulous. The report must address the measures to be taken to protect the vessel, port, goods and all else, if possible, in a cost-effective but always efficient manner.

Laws and Regulations

The report must address the international and commercial laws and updates regarding shipping while also mentioning if they are being heeded. The shipping practices must also abide by these laws. 

Data Protection Review

All the shipyard’s data must be monitored, profiled and analysed. In case of data breaches, there has to be a backup plan as well. We monitor data constantly, while giving out simple alerts every now and then. 

Incident & Crisis Management Techniques

Crisis Management Analysis

To get more actionable with your plans, you must create teams with trained members and training examinations. You also need enough resources and armed security service to hand your teams, and please ensure everything you use is within your protocols. 

Crisis Management Planning

Crisis management plans with risk assessment services pinpointed, scenarios developed, analysed, strategised and solved as well as looking forward to a backup plan if things don’t go as planned, is vital.


In any case of extortion, active shooter, cyber attack or kidnapping, the PMSC has to be alert and take swift action. The incident and crisis report needs to detail how the company intends to prepare for any such cases.

Why Choose DoricNG


Building an incident and crisis report takes expertise and dedication. Maritime security companies like DoricNG, with both plus variegated mastery of security and crisis management solutions, have the ability to create such reports. 

Situation Comprehension

You want someone who understands everything about your shipping situation in a deeper level to understand the challenges themselves. DoricNG can recognize incidents relating to maritime piracy on vessels and ports and signs of terrorism starting from crew members.  DoricNG has professionals working on geopolitical and cyber security areas, so all mediums are covered.

All-rounded Report

The incident and crisis report provided by DoricNG will pinpoint the required areas of importance while detecting the areas of shortcomings. Therein, it will also aid with all-rounded solutions. Our report will report every information to be it crimes, regional data, migration flows, smuggling or unverified cargo.

Professional Team

You can trust us to create the most particular incident and crisis report with the help of our expert consultants, that have a background in all the different aspects of ship management and security. DoricNG has professionals with accolades in intelligence, law enforcement, business, and cyber security. 


An incident and crisis report is mandatory when you are trying to build a strategy or safely manoeuvre around the sea. The report has to be created with all aspects cleared and covered. A thorough check-up of the port, ship and goods can only create this. 

To ensure you get the best service, you need DoricNG by your side. We make all kinds of maritime reports. Call us today to make a difference in your business, and never fear the deep blue sea again.



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